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"Flowers" 2012
 audio installation, CD, player, speaker in 8 different languages

24 invited  people where asked what special things theyhave  experienced when they were visiting a foreign culture or country and may be what has been normal for the people who live there.

 "normal and special", 2012 
DVD, player, speaker, 45 minutes, color, sound


 "Alarm", 1985 New York
DVD, player, speaker, 15 minutes, color, sound
handpainted film transferred to DVD 


"AQUA II", 2012
handpainted slides, slideprojector, timer

"life is not a chess game", 2012 Kiel
burned chess game

"Military, 2000"
"talking about New York", 2000
"animals and flowers" 2000
"patience is wisdom", 1994
DVD, different films, beamer, player,speaker

"Life in a bottle", 2012
glss bottles, fish strings, drawings on cellophane




 "normal and special", 2012 
Installation with drawings on alu-paper, dermatograpg and magnetes

"play with me", 2012
wood, sand, military toys

"Schiffe versenken", 2012
chair, table, print, pencils

"Submarine", 2012
drawings on aprons, dermatograph, strings, light bulbs


"Fish Names" 2009

audio installation, player, speaker, voice by Akiko Uchiyama

"Lost flowers" 2012

artificial flowers, metall clip

"Red Stones", 2012 
                                        cellophane, stones

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